Sea Kayak Equipment Checklist

* Kayak with flotation in bow and stern. All hatch covers.
* Paddle
* Deck bag

* Wet or dry suit
* Flotation jacket, whistle
* Spray skirt
* Sun Glasses and glasses retaining strap
* Hat, hood, neoprene skull cap
* Gloves, poggies
* Booties or boots.
* Warm dry clothes, storm parka, rain pants, pile sweater, extra gloves, walking shoes.

* Food and water (warm beverage or soup is nice)
* Dry bags, and mesh bags to carry gear
* Dry box for cell phone, wallet, pocket knife
* Carabiners to tether gear to boat
* Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, insect repellent, toilet paper, duct tape
* Sponge for drying boat
* Cockpit cover
* Extra rope (to secure boat)
* Hand-held water pump
* Paddle float.
* Towline
* Closed cell sit pad

* Nautical Chart and waterproof pouch
* Compass. A deck-mounted marine compass is ideal – readable in swells.
* Tide and current tables – or copy all the information needed for your trip.
* Marine transceiver and waterproof cover
* GPS and waterproof cover
* Cell phone

* Waterproof matches, firestarter, and lighter (carry on your person)
* 1st aide kit (carry “survival” mini kit on person). Space blanket
* Knife
* Repair kit for paddle and kayak
* Flares (double bag, one pack on person), Mirror, Air horn.
* White deck light, for night paddling
* Headlamp/waterproof flashlight and spare batteries for all electronics and lights
* Emergency flasher, for night emergency
* Spare paddle

* Tandem Kayak: centerline heel support, back support.
* Binoculars / Camera
* Helmet for use in surf
* Consider kayak dolly / wheels

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Please leave a comment below if you find items of importance that should be on this list and aren’t, or you have comments that will improve the list’s utility.