New Member Information

Welcome to the Peninsula Wilderness Club (PWC). We thank you for joining and hope you become an active member, make new friends, and get more from your outdoor experiences.

The PWC was formed over twenty years ago by a group of friends who love the outdoor life. Its purpose is to promote the enjoyment, exploration, conservation, and protection of the wilderness. An informal and casual group, we share information on outdoor conditions at regular meetings, and welcome other members to join us in wilderness adventures and outdoor activities. We are committed to having energetic fun while we enjoy and explore the wilderness together.

This packet of information is designed to answer many of your questions. More information (hiking checklists, club Bylaws, etc) is available on our web site by clicking on the above membership tab.



PWC activities range from light, social affairs to ambitious trekking and mountaineering ventures. Day hikes, backpack trips, rock climbs, ski and snowshoe trips, bicycle, kayak and canoe outings are all included on the PWC calendar during the year. Some members are dedicated trail maintenance volunteers and organize work parties that make it easy for other members to also volunteer. The club publishes a monthly newsletter, the Penwicle, which includes information on scheduled outings so any member can participate. This is available online at our web site, , and in printed form if requested. Last minute trips are listed on the website and posted in the club’s online calendar. (There is also a link to the calendar on the club’s home page).



General Meeting – This monthly meeting includes a short business session, reports on recent outings, descriptions of upcoming outings, drawing for a door prize, and usually a speaker or slide show presentation. There is time for socializing before the meeting and during a refreshment break. Visitors are welcome.
If you are new to our monthly meetings, come 15 minutes early and talk to our “PWC Host”. This club volunteer can point out to you members who sponsor the kinds of activities you are interested in, and answer your questions.
Location:VFW hall at 9981 Central Valley Road, Bremerton WA, 98311
Date and Time: The first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)


Monthly Activity Planning meeting (MAP) -Held in a member’s home the Thursday evening prior to the General Meeting. Members gather to discuss ongoing club business and to map out a schedule of outdoor activities for the upcoming weeks. It is a social gathering, and all members are welcome. Events scheduled here are posted in the online calendar, and published in the newsletter (you can download the most recent Penwicle from the web site).
Location varies: Refer to the Penwicle or the online calendar.
Date & Time: Third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)

Monthly Potluck Dinner -Each month, a member hosts this event. With fewer in attendance than at the monthly General Meetings, new members often find it easier to get acquainted with others, and are particularly encouraged to attend. Bring a favorite main dish, side dish, salad or appetizer to share and the host provides dessert.
Location varies: See the Penwicle or online calendar for location and host phone number.
Date & Time: The last Friday of the month at 6:30 PM (unless otherwise noted on the calendar)



• Opportunities to participate in outdoor activities that others have planned.
• Access to a network of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to join in adventures that you plan.
• Special events for socializing with others who share your love of the outdoors.
• Subscription to Penwicle and access to the online calendar, keeping you fully informed about club events and member outings in which you can participate.
• Presentations on outdoor adventures at the monthly meeting, and a chance to win the monthly door prize.
• Discounts on select merchandise or services at the following businesses (show membership card):

Ajax Café, Port Hadlock, – Back of Beyond Outfitters, Bainbridge Island – Bicycle Works, Bremerton – Commander’s Beach House Bed and Breakfast, Port Townsend – The Gear Stash, Bainbridge Island – Olympic Outdoor Center, Port Gamble – Poulsbo Running, Poulsbo – The Quick Fix, Port Orchard – Wildernest Outdoor Store, Bainbridge Island

See the Supporting Businesses Page for full list of benefits and businesses.



To retain membership with the club, dues are required annually on the anniversary of your join date. Please see our Membership Application page for more info and payment options.



Q. How can I participate in an outing?

A. It’s simple, just contact the sponsor whose phone number is listed in the trip description in the Penwicle, the online calendar, or under “Last Minute Trips” on the home page of the club web site. The online calendar is updated more frequently than the Penwicle, and may have map or informational links that are not in the Penwicle. Please let the sponsor know as soon as you think you are interested in the outing. Sponsors who receive no calls often plan other activities as the day approaches, so last-minute callers may be disappointed.
The sponsor will provide more information: where to meet; what to wear; special equipment you will need, etc., as well as the level of difficulty so you can be sure the trip fits your own skill level. Sometimes a sponsor may recommend another outing as more appropriate for you. PWC has members who are just breaking in their first pair of hiking boots, members with extreme mountaineering experience, and every level in between, so you’re sure to find some outings that fit your capabilities. The sponsor will want your phone number so you can be contacted in the event of a last-minute cancellation or change in plans. You should also be prepared to let the sponsor know of any special circumstances, such as a physical condition you may have. Participants agree not to hold the outing sponsor or the club responsible for their comfort and safety.


Q. How are outings organized?

A. Outings are planned and organized by individual club members and preparation is the responsibility of each participant. All members can sponsor outings and are encouraged to do so.
If you wish to sponsor a trip, you can announce it at the monthly meeting or a MAP meeting. You can email the Penwicle editor at .You can also post your trip as a “Last Minute Trip” on the web site. Include your name, phone number, a brief description of the outing, the date, as well as specific skills and/or equipment that will be required, if any. Any of these routes should result in your trip being posted in the online calendar and either the monthly Penwicle newsletter (if there is time), or on the web site as a “Last Minute Trip”.


Q. Does PWC teach outdoor skills?

A. No. The PWC does not teach, outfit, or provide guide services. It simply provides opportunities for people who enjoy outdoor activities to meet and organize outings and to share information. An individual may provide informal instruction during an outing, however he or she would be acting on his own and does not represent PWC when doing so. As with all outings, your participation is voluntary and the sponsor is not liable for your safety.
If you wish professional instruction, both Olympic College and the Mountaineers offer backpacking and mountaineering classes. Many PWC members have taken such classes.


Q. What is my responsibility as a participant in a PWC outing?

A. You are responsible to be adequately prepared with the appropriate clothing and equipment for the outing you choose to participate in. It is your responsibility to ask questions and make your own determination as to whether your skill level is adequate to join the outing. If you are a beginner at a particular sport, make sure the sponsor is aware of your experience level, especially if the outing is identified as difficult. Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety and should always carry essential safety equipment. The Mountaineers have updated their “Ten Essentials” list, and it is available at our web site under “New Members”, in the top menu.
To help minimize our impact on the environment, carpooling is arranged for most outings. A donation to the driver, whose vehicle suffers more than normal wear and tear on our rough mountain roads, is courteous and expected.


Q. Are children or pets allowed on outings?

A. Participants under 18 should be accompanied by someone who is responsible for the child’s safety and behavior. Exceptions should be discussed with the trip sponsor. Members are asked not to bring pets on most outings, in consideration of others and to increase the chances of viewing wildlife. When sponsors plan trips to include pets, “pets welcome” will be part of the trip description in the Penwicle.


Q. Does PWC have rules that must be followed on outings?

A. PWC thrives on informality, without cumbersome rules and regulations. That said, the sponsor of an event may require specific equipment or experience as a condition for participating in the event. For example, the sponsor of a mountaineering event in winter may require that everyone carry an avalanche beacon.


Q. What is my risk as a trip sponsor?

A. PWC succeeds because its members are willing to sponsor trips. The continued willingness of members to organize outings depends on each participant accepting responsibility for himself or herself and not relying upon someone else for his or her safety. While the risk is not zero, common sense applies. A full discussion of sponsor risk is included on our web site.



The Peninsula Wilderness Club is an organization for persons sharing a common interest in the outdoors. Members organize outdoor activities that may be hazardous, like hiking, rock and mountain climbing, bicycling, and sea kayaking. These members are volunteers only and do not accept responsibility for the safety or care of any person who participates in a club activity.
By accepting membership in the Peninsula Wilderness Club and participating in any of its activities, each member recognizes the inherent dangers and risk of injury in outdoor pursuits. Participants are responsible for their own choice of clothing and equipment, and for choosing activities commensurate with their level of training and skill. As a condition of membership in the Peninsula Wilderness Club, each member expressly agrees to assume responsibility for his or her own safety and releases the Peninsula Wilderness Club and each of its members from any and all liability for claims of harm or injury as a result of participating in any club activity.
The release shall be binding upon each member, his or her heirs, assigns and/or personal representatives.