PWC Job Summaries

Below are the various roles and responsibilities of the different positions available within the Peninsula Wilderness Club. Click on the item to read the description.

Elected Peninsula Wilderness Club Positions:

• The PWC President presides at club meetings, ensures a smooth and efficient dispatch of club business, and function as the chief executive of the club. The president has the authority to appoint and replace staff members, as necessary, to fulfill the administration and purpose of the club.
• Presiding over the monthly club meeting requires setting up facilities and equipment, preparing the agenda (typically this includes trip reports, listing of future trips, a Tech Minute, and a drawing), and starting/ending the meeting. Midway through the meeting there is a break, and either the President or the Program Coordinator introduces the guest speaker.</span>
• The President must become familiar with the club web site, promote its use, and update the site (with the help of the web master) as needed to keep information current (particularly the members-only and new members sections).
• The President attends and encourages attendance at as many PWC events as possible. He or she consider long term strategies for improving membership and participation (growing the club), and is proactive in shaping policy to bring this about.
• The president anticipates and plans the annual Winterfest outing (President’s day weekend in February), and supervises the October election of officers and board members.
• The President presides over the monthly MAP meeting, which sometimes also functions as informal mini-board meeting where some club business is done. At a minimum, one official (and formally announced) Board Meeting must be held per year.
• The President coordinates the various functions of the club and appoints or finds successors to key positions when needed. Such positions include (but may not be limited to) the Web Master, Calendar-Meister, Penwicle editor, Penwicle Proof Reader, Program Coordinator, new members coordinator (who sends out new member packets), and refreshment coordinator. Informal positions also exist, such as the Penwicle newsletter folding “party” held each month (special thanks to Doug Savage for years of coordinating this event). By tradition, the vice president is the “special events coordinator” – this usually means orchestrating the club picnic each July.
• The President also maintains keys to the UUF church, the post office box, and stores or arranges for storage of club equipment, such as audiovisual, promotional, and other equipment and materials.
• The president purchases door prices for meetings and events as needed, or arranges for someone to do this.
• If willing, after the President leaves office, he or she can serve as the president emeritus on the board of directors to foster continuity and smooth transition between presidents.</span>
Vice President
• The vice-president is a voting member of the Board of Directors, and assumes the duties and roles of the President in the event of his or her absence. The vice-president also coordinates club special events (such as the club picnic in July).
Board Members At Large
• There are 3 Board Members “at large” who are elected officials charged with representing club member interests during official voting and club business. Board Members should participate in as many club events as possible, including MAP meetings and general member meetings.
• The PWC Secretary keeps minutes and functional notes from club meetings and events, distributes them in a timely manner to all board members and involved parties, and maintains an archive of past newsletters, minutes and rosters. The secretary’s official minutes include accurate records of board motions and decisions, any activities involving financial transactions, reports of committees and all elections. The board also determines, and the secretary implements, an approval process. The president and secretary may also determine additional duties as appropriate for a situation or circumstance, such as setting an order of business for a meeting.
• The PWC Treasurer manages all club funds, maintains the PWC checking account, pays all routine and non-routine expenses, and collects membership dues. The Treasurer keeps all receipts, a record of all transactions, and gives a monthly report of the club’s finances to the membership.
• While the job of the Member Database Manager can be separate from the Treasurer, these two positions naturally fit together due to the linkage between managing member information and status, and managing member dues. The Member Database Manager maintains member information, member payment status, and produces specialized reports that are required by other PWC positions (e.g., the New Member Coordinator, the Penwicle Editor, the Newsletter Folding Coordinator, and others). These reports and all member information is currently managed through a database, however, alternatives to databases are available.
• The treasurer performs all club accounting, and arranges an annual audit of the records. The treasurer is also responsible for maintaining our non-profit status with Washington State and the Federal Government by filing the necessary annual forms.
• Examples of routine club expenses that are reimbursed by the Treasurer include (but are not limited to): newsletter printing costs, stamps for the Penwicle mailing, purchase of refreshments for the general meeting, reimbursement to the President for door prizes, and rental payment for the club monthly meeting location.

Appointed PWC Positions:

• The PWC webmaster is responsible for designing, developing, and managing all aspects of the PWC website’s content and connectivity. A list of the skills needed for this position include but are not limited to:

• Writing – Content creation, coordination with guest speakers, etc.
• Graphic Design – Proficient with Photoshop or other graphics software that will allow for the creation of graphics used on the PWC website.
• Web Development – Design and build web pages using a variety of graphic software applications, and tools. Knowledge of WordPress (or ability and willingness to learn it or similar software). Ensures the PWC hosting and domain accounts remain in good standing.
• Database Administration – Backs up the database on a regular basis, ability to troubleshoot database issues, etc.
• Website Marketing – Search engine optimization, ad placement, etc.
• Forum and blog administration and moderation – Ability to troubleshoot user issues with the forum or blog system. Moderates forums and blogs to keep out spam and to enforce the use of forum rules.
• Webmaster may train or assign a person of his or her choosing to act as backup in their absence. Webmaster may also assist with the calendar, assign users etc, but is not responsible for its upkeep. Full calendar responsibilities go to the calendar-meister and are a separate function of the club.
• Webmaster works with the program coordinator and Penwicle editor to obtain and share information about each month’s guest speaker for publication purposes, and upon request, provides input to the Penwicle editor for publication.

• The Calendar-Meister keeps the calendar up to date with regard to events and new trips offered by members. The Calendar-Meister should become familiar with the online calendar software, and learn how to embed pictures and maps.
• Entries should be edited so they are understandable and contain all information needed for members to learn about a trip and be motivated to attend. Trip summary information should be listed at the top to assist with importing the trip information into the Penwicle. Worthwhile additions to the detail (lower) section of the calendar entries include images, maps to the event, links to background information, and suggestions for how members can maximize their enjoyment at an event. For a kayak roll session, say, this might include suggestions to dress warmly, bring nose plugs and a diver’s mask, and clean your boat before showing up at the pool, etc.
• The Calendar-Meister assigns passwords to club members who want to become “users” (users have the ability to add events and alter content on the calendar). It is helpful to have as many folks as possible adding content – it makes the job easier.
• Calendarwiz (the program/service used to manage the PWC Calendar) allows the Calendar-Meister to designate 3 event categories (we’ve chosen Snow, General, and Kayaking) and to designate up to 30 users. Additional capability would require paying additional fees.
• The Calendarwiz service is accessed through their website. Our webmaster has embedded the calendar into our home page. Calendarwiz can be accessed directly If there are problems accessing the calendar through the site.
Program Coordinator
• The program coordinator is responsible for finding a guest speaker for each monthly meeting, and to acquire images, biographical information and a program description. The program coordinator shares this information with the webmaster, Penwicle editor and president to promote the meeting.
• Ongoing communication with the upcoming guest speaker ensures their timely arrival and that they have whatever equipment is needed for the presentation. To this end, communications are shared with the president to help coordinate hardware, software and the timing of the meeting.
• The program coordinator or the president should introduce the guest speaker before that month’s presentation.
Penwicle Editor
• The Penwicle Editor prepares the club newsletter. Input is obtained from a variety of sources, including the PWC Website Calendar, club-member photos and trip reports, PWC Secretary notes, PWC Program Coordinator, PWC Webmaster, and the PWC President. The editor lays out content that typically is 8 or 10 pages in length, submits the draft newsletter to the Penwicle proof reader, and compiles a final copy.
• Newsletter content typically includes notes and information advertising the next PWC club meeting speaker, summary of upcoming trips, detail of upcoming trips, and general information and club business. In addition, photos and trip reports are used to illustrate club activities.
• The Penwicle editor publishes the final newsletter in 2 forms: 1) Electronic copy sent by email to distribution list provided by the PWC Treasurer, and 2) submission of the final copy to a printing company for paper publication. Collecting, folding and mailing the paper copy is outside the duties of the editor.
• The Penwicle editor should be familiar with graphical document layout programs, Adobe Acrobat, and photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. In addition, experience in process automation (macros and Microsoft Excel programming) can shorten the time required to lay out newsletter content, since the PWC website calendar provides an electronic file that can be automatically manipulated to form a rough input for the upcoming trips listed in the Penwicle.
Penwicle Proof Reader
• The Penwicle Proof Reader reviews drafts and content prior to publication of the Penwicle newsletter. To the largest extent possible, the proof reader will modify website calendar entries such that they import directly into the Penwicle without requiring spelling or grammar changes. However, final copy of the newsletter is provide to the proof reader prior to final publication.
• The Proof Reader must have a keen eye for detail and have expertise in correct use of the written English language.
• The proof reader typically has only a few days to edit the calendar entries and proof read the draft Penwicle.
New Member Coordinator
• The New Member Coordinator ensures all new members receive a membership package and supporting information, and answers any questions that new members might have.
• New member information is received by e-mail in Excel format from the Treasurer/Database Manager when new members join the club. The New Member Coordinator assembles a package that consists of an information handout, printed membership cards (there may be more than one member in a household), and sends this package via postal mail to each household.
• Membership cards are professionally printed, and ordered as needed. Expenses for mailing, cards and copies are tracked and periodically sent to the treasurer for reimbursement. A listing of packets mailed is also retained for record keeping.
• The New Member Coordinator also replaces membership cards as needed.
Meeting Host Coordinator
• The PWC Meeting Host coordinator should be a Board Member At Large who will find experienced club members to volunteer to be host at each monthly meeting, relieving the president of this responsibility. The president or Host can consider introducing new members to the assembly at the monthly meeting. The purpose of having Meeting Hosts is to ensure a visible person is available and accessible for new and prospective members to ask questions about the club, what we do, and point out others in the club who might have similar interests.
Meeting Host - guidelines
• People naturally form smaller social groups within larger groups. Our club, like all clubs, have these social niches that newcomers may find hard to “break into” (especially during the meeting break, when friends gravitate toward friends). It often takes the personal concern of one of us to break the ice and help newcomers feel welcomed. Many of us remember our first visit to a PWC meeting and being rescued from isolation by an attentive member – possibly the reason we returned the next month. To consistently create this welcoming environment, we ask our experienced members to serve as a volunteer Host.
• If you have volunteered as the Host for one of our General Meetings, please be present 15 minutes before each meeting and during the break to greet newcomers, answer questions, and help point out PWC trip sponsors that share their interests. PWC Hosts will wear a name tag (The President has these), and (optionally) a piece of distinctive clothing, making them easier to identify.
• We realize that opening yourselves to visitors or new members means you’ll voluntarily be limiting the social time usually shared with the friends you know. Please find those visitors who look isolated or ill at ease. Make a connection. It will be difficult to get to know us at a club meeting, so encourage them to join in activities or club events. Point out PWC trip sponsors that share their interests. It’s how we’ll help new members stay members.
Meeting Refreshment Coordinator
• Club members and guests showing up at each general meeting enjoy a choice of home-cooked and store-bought cookies and an assortment of beverages. These refreshments create a friendly ambiance for folks to socially interact. The Refreshment Coordinator is the person who works in the background to make all this happen.
• The Meeting Refreshment Coordinator solicits volunteers to bake or buy supplies, or buys supplies him or herself. The coordinator arrives at the club meeting early to get hot water started, and sets up the refreshment table prior to meetings. After meetings, the coordinator cleans up the meeting rooms and stores supplies for the next month.
• Expenses for refreshments are reimbursable if receipts are kept.
Penwicle Newsletter folding Coordinator
• The Penwicle Newsletter Folding Coordinator picks up the printed copy of the Penwicle from the printer, and coordinates a “newsletter folding party” of interested members to collate and fold the Penwicle into a mail-able product. The folding party is typically designed as a social event at the Folding Coordinator or other member homes.
• The Folding Coordinator may also buy stamps and pay for the printing costs (all costs are reimbursed by the treasurer based on receipts for each transaction). The Treasurer and PWC Member Database Manager provides address labels.
• After the folding party has concluded, participants volunteer to take the final product to the post office and to various businesses in the local area.
Dropbox Manager

• Dropbox is a “cloud-based” online free service that lets club members share photos and video with one another. The Dropbox Manager oversees use of the club’s Dropbox folder, called “PWC”. All members are encouraged to share their photos and videos via Dropbox. Contributed images are used by the President, the Penwicle Editor, the Calendar-Meister, and the Web Master to create content for the club’s various publications and services. Once you have access to the PWC folder, you too will have access to all the shared images.
• Contact the current Dropbox Manager or any other person who currently shares the club’s “PWC” folder to request an invitation.
• All submitted folders need to be named in such a fashion that everyone can find images based on the date of a trip, the person who submitted the images, and the name of the trip. Folks contributing images rarely “package” their folders this way, so the Dropbox Manager needs to re-label folders to keep the folder-naming convention consistent. A folder of photos from a trip up Mt. Townsend on April 15th should be listed in this fashion:


• Anyone can copy any image for your own use (but give credit to the photographer). The Dropbox Manager is the only person allowed to delete files from the club’s “PWC” folder, and does so monthly to keep content current.

For each of the above positions, the holder of the position may enlist help in performing these functions, and may involve back-up support as required to ensure continuity during absences.